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Mostar Communications is a full service Oil and Gas remote communications service provider.  Established in 1996, Mostar is now one of the leading oilfield communications providers.  Mostar operates throughout Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming and a select group of foreign countries.  Now providing service to the Oil and Gas, Construction, Maritime, and Disaster Recovery industries, Mostar is able to provide comprehensive, world class communication services in the most demanding environments.  Additionally, Mostar utilizes best-in-class equipment and employs the most experienced communication professionals.


Companies worldwide rely on Mostar to maximize productivity, security and safety in challenging remote environments. Mostar provides a complete range of enterprise level communications technologies including:  fixed VSAT communications, portable VSAT communications, intercom systems, 2-Way Radio, custom WIFI solutions, cellular connectivity solutions, industrial peripheral solutions, video conferencing, office to remote voice/data integration, VPN solutions, and acceleration solutions.  Furthermore, Mostar provides bandwidth delivered via private line services, providing stable, seamless, custom voice and data integration to clients’ networks.

Whether servicing land or offshore locations, Mostar provides client specific, high speed communications to allow for maximum work optimization. Mostar has partnered with proven, WITSML compliant equipment providers to ensure compatibility to all rig or platform output instrumentation, unequalled quality of service and maximum up-time.  Some of the largest and most progressive energy companies in the world depend on Mostar’s technology and expertise for far-reaching and critical com­munication capabilities. All solutions are backed by the most experienced technical support and engineering team in the industry.  Finally, Mostar is driven by an unequalled dedication to its clients.   A select list of Mostar’s clients is available through Mostar’s account managers.


Solid and stable

MoStar can provide the expected high speed communications to allow for maximum work optimization.  We have partnered with many elite equipment providers to assure total compatibility to all rig or platform output istrumentation.   Regardless of your location or size of your operation, Mo-Star professionals are ready to meet your needs.


OSHA Compliant

MoStar can provide the correct intercom solutions with explosion proof housing and intrinsically safe components to ensure compliance with all safety requirements and proof of all safety certifications for your drilling operations. Allow Mostar Communications to evaluate youre existing location to ensure compliance.

Disaster ready

Tested solutions

When disaster strikes, restoring essential communications is second only to saving and preserving lives.

MoStar Communications is prepared for any emergency. 

Make us a part of your disaster recovery plan