Driller's Intercom Systems provide communications
between drill operators and rig personnel.
Comprised of a central controller or intercom server
and various outstations, the system’s digital
architecture is used to link the stations with the
intercom server.

Standard intercom servers unit include station line
cards, audio interfaces and relay interfaces allowing
ease of connection to PA, Radio or Alarm systems.
Additionally, tone generators and telephone/radio
interfaces may be added to create complex
loudspeaking and PA systems. Each intercom
server unit can manage up to 16 digital or analog
subscribers, expandable to 32 subscribers.
Intercom servers may be linked or a larger server
may be used for increased system size. By
combining intercom servers, the system is easily
expanded at any time.

The intercom server can interface with a variety of
stations. The intercom stations are available as
explosion-proof, weatherproof or desktop units.
The stations have direct access by using the keypad,
pre-programmed keys or speed dials. This allows
the user the capability of performing point to point
private calls. Additionally, the system may be
configured to allow group calls, conference calls
and all call announcements.

A Windows based configuration tool allows the user
to program the system parameters and update the
system setting when required. If connected to a
modem the user or Mostar service personnel
can dial in to the unit to troubleshoot the system


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